Classical Guitar Pickup

When the sound your guitar produces seems to be wrong, the first thing you must do is change its pair of pickups. These transducer devices capture vibrations produced by the instrument that will in turn control the quality of the sound directly. This is indeed very true in the case of classical guitars, because the sound is produced wholly by the strings and the quality of the other physical components of the device. Thus, having thorough knowledge about what to look for when selecting classical guitar pickups, is essential.

First and foremost, you need to be able to distinguish between the different types of classical guitar pickups available in order to select the perfect one that will both help you play easily and establish the musical style of your choice. Magnetic pickups that are made of permanent magnets wrapped with layers of copper wires are one of the most common types of classical guitar pickups used. This type of classical guitar pickups is usually attached to the body of the instrument with the aid of a bridge. The vibrations of the strings produce a magnetic flux that can be amplified or recorded via cable wires. However, the output of magnetic classical guitar pickups is comparatively lower. The resonance of the strings produces a pickup with a high tonal quality and thus, it is ideal for a person looking for ease, simplicity and clarity with regard his instrument. In brief, magnetic classical guitar pickups are a widely sought after choice among students. They are also cheaper than the rest of the varieties in the guitar family and are quite hardy. Therefore, strumming a classical guitar with a magnetic pickup without much practice is not that big a deal.

There are also humbuckers and Piezoelectrics. These may make a beginner feel like a rat in a maze because learning with them can be quite confusing. However, once the player gets the hang of his tune, using humbuckers and piezoelectric or multi transducer classical guitar pickups will enable him to produce complicated tunes. In the world of music however, classical guitar pickups are categorized as follows;
? Single coil
? Humbuckers
? Acoustic varieties

Magnetic classical guitar pickups fall under the first category where just a single coil is used to produce vintage sounds. Humbuckers were introduced as a solution to the notable hum, single coiled classical guitar pickups produce. They produce very strong sounds and are thus ideal to play heavy blues or loud metals. There is a wide range of pickups to choose from when it comes to humbuckers. Acoustic varieties of classical guitar pickups however, do not leave much of a choice to the instrumentalist. They mainly increase the sound and do not do much with the quality of the tone. The type of classical guitar pickups depends almost entirely on the choice and skill of the player. They help the player to create his personal caliber in music in whichever way he pleases.

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