Fender Affinity Series

Fender Affinity Series
I Am getting a Squier Fender Affinity series Telecaster Guitar What kind of Amp Should I Get?

I like to punk and alt rock music. I hope to find something under 100 dollars .I am looking at buying a “line 6 III Spider 15 (15W)” Amplifier. I want to use the amp for band practice and practice but not for gigs. What kind of Amp should I get I want To know what everybody else opinion is

Well, since you like to play punk and alternative rock, you should probably go with either a Fender, Marshall, or an Ibanez amp. The Fender Frontman series is a particularly cheap brand of amp (starting at 60$). But, if you’re willing to invest a little more money, you should look for an Ibanez combo amp. I had some experience with one, they provide nice sound with lots of variety. The only flaw is that Ibanez amps tend to have a short lifespan (in my opinion).

So, I hope that helps you!

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