Fender Guitar Amp

Fender Guitar Amp
Do you guys think a small fender guitar amp is decent or do you advise something else?

I need a guitar amp, and I don’t know much about them, personally I want a small/practice one, and i was wondering if the fender ones would be okay. Thanks:)

I’ve had a Fender Twin Reverb, and I have a Roland JC-120, both of which weigh a good 65 lbs each!

I now use a Fender Blonde Blues Junior, which has a 12″ Jensen speaker, spring reverb, and 15 watts of tube power..about 5 bills for this little amp.

I love it, and now I can have a guitar case in one hand, my gig bag over my shoulder, my amp in the same hand as my guitar, and still open a door without any help!

Of course, I do mic my amp through the bands PA system using an SM-57. But I will never lug around another 65 lb amp again.

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