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I am buying a guitar, and want some advice. I listen to tons of different music, ranging from Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Frank Zappa, and a lot of other 60s/70s artists to more modern acts like R.E.M., Pearl Jam, old school Red Hot Chili Peppers, even bands like Modest Mouse, and solo acts like Ray Lamontagne, Jack Johnson, and Amos Lee….so heres the quesiton of the day, what guitar should i buy??? I am considering either a tele or maybe a jaguar, i know there is a price difference, i am not extremely concerned, but which would be better overall? If not one of these guitars what would you recommend (i do really prefer fender though)???

Zappa played a Hagstrom Viking a lot.
R.E.M.s Peter Buck plays Rickenbackers.
Bob Dylan I think played a Gibson ES as well as acoustics.

Each has a different sound.

Don’t try to find a single instrument that perfectly replicates what all those people (or even one of them) can do.
Find a number of instruments that just sound and feel good to you and develop your own style (which may be inspired by others of course).

Why do you prefer Fender? And why are you looking only solidbody electrics?

If you were to buy a single guitar only, I’d probably choose a Hagstrom Viking of HJ600, maybe an Ibanez AF custom.
But I have 3 instruments (though no solidbody electrics, and I don’t miss them), each with its own personality and sound.
And I don’t think that’s all I’ll have a year from now…

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