Fender Jaguar Guitar

Fender Jaguar Guitar
Japanese Fender Jaguar Guitar?

I just bought a 84-86 Fender Jaguar “Made In Japan” guitar, I have’nt got it yet, but anyway, were the finishes on the early Japanese guitars nitro laquer, or poly

I have an old Fender Gemini 1 that was made in Korea about the time your Jaguar was made and I don’t have a problem with the finish which looks like a lacquer but about a month ago I got a split on the top from the bottom of the A string all the way down to the joint with the bottom pieces, so you may want to be very careful what kind of strings you put on that beast.

I was using normal tension strings until I saw the crack start to develop then changed to the softest strings I could buy, but it was too late. Whatever you do, don’t put anything more than a normal string on yours or you will be sorry.

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