Fender Made Mexico

Fender Made Mexico
Is it ok to tune my fender stratocaster made in mexico down?

I wanna learn some songs, and ive heared its bad to tune to drop C. My friend at school told me my guitar could warp or some crap is this true?

My Specs: 9 gauges Ernie Ball
Fender start made in mexico

Hello! Tuning down to drop C (i.e., C G C F A D) will not warp your neck, nor will it cause any other damage to the guitar. Essentially, the characteristic resistance of the neck to bend (aided by the truss rod) is used effectively to balance the resulting tension from the strings. This is where truss rod adjustment comes into play, which is critical in maintaining the balance and stability of the neck. By going down in string tension (e.g., drop tuning, lighter gauge strings), the proper curvature of the neck relative to the strings (i.e., relief) needs to be re-established. This is important for playability, plus to make the neck less influenced by temperature and humidity changes. You will probably not be able to stick with the 9’s, as they will be way too loose to fret properly. Most likely, you will need to switch to a set of 10’s (e.g., 10-13-17-26-36-46) or 11’s (e.g., 11-14-18-28-38-48), which would give you a better overall sound with that particular tuning. Make sure to check the intonation, bridge position, and neck relief after your changes; see http://www.fender.com/support/stratocaster.php for details on making these adjustments. Hope some of this helps. Best regards, Dana

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