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Fender Precision
I have a 1977 fender precision bass guitar and its in very good condition…is it worth anything?

I have a 1977 fender precision bass guitar and its in very good condition…is it worth anything?

Hi RIck:

Depends on condition, and who wants it bad enough! A lot of times what we think is in “good condition” may not be the case. Only an experienced vintage dealer can make that assessment. Ive known a few people over the years who thought they had the real deal, only to find out that what they thought they had turned out to be the correct year, but with tons of mods and a hodge podge of parts on it that shot the value down tremendously. They bought from the wrong people, didnt research, and got ripped off! 77 P basses are going anywhere from about $800.00 to $2000.00. There are some in that year that have brought much more, but thats usually on guitars that have a custom factory finish, or special order guitars to where the number produced is extremely low. It IS American made, as it wasnt until the 1980’s that Fender had anything made overseas. Little tidbit of info…..ALL FENDERS, doesnt matter what model, were produced ONLY in Japan in 1985-1987. To bad you didnt have an early to mid 60’s P-Bass, ive seen them going in the area of 7500.00 and up!

Now…to ensure you do have a 77, heres what you need to know.

Since 1976, American made Fenders have the serial numbers on the peghead. An “S” prefix is the 1970’s.
An S7+ 5 digits or S8+ 5 digits is what you want to look for. Those serial numbers were on guitars produced in 1977 and 1978.

If your interested in selling the guitar, heres a link you might want to check out.


Elderly Instruments is based in Lansing, Michigan. On their opening page of their website, you will see a toll free U.S. telephone number. Elderly has an extremly professional appraisal and sales staff. Im sure they can be of more assistance than I have been in answering ANY of your questions. By the way, I live about 100 miles from Lansing, and have dealt with them quite a bit in the last 20 years. GREAT PEOPLE!

Hope this has helped, and good luck!

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