Fender Standard

Fender Standard
How do I convert a Fender electric standard right handed guitar to a left handed guitar?

I have an Ibanez Left handed guitar that i’ve been playin for 5 years now. I just got a right handed Fender standard strat from my buddy that I want to convert to a left handed guitar to suit my needs. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I’d go about doing this?

The only thing you can really do is remove the nut (the wooden or plastic piece at the top of the neck that guide the strings to the tuners) and reverse it then string it as though it’s a lefty. Also, reverse the settings on the bridge (generally the bridge on the e string will be set farther up, scaling down each string).

If you have experience with guitars, you can also drill in a new strap holder, but if you do that incorrectly you may split/separate the wood and ruin a nice guitar.

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