Gibson Guitar Case

How do I stop my Gibson guitar case from pressing down on my SG’s vibrato arm?

So I have a Gibson SG. It’s nice, really nice. But the factory case presses down very deeply on the vibrato arm when it’s closed. I can’t seem to take off the arm with a screwdriver. Any thoughts?

I mean, this is just poor design. The Fender vibrato arm comes off in seconds, and Fender cases give enough room for its vibrato arm anyway. Ugh.

I’ve always hated this about Gibsons. I’ve got an ’74 SG with a Vibrola system, and the cases doesn’t do this. The new ones…uh, that’s a different story. And unfortunately, the newer Fender cases require you to remove the arm as well (but at least you can get it off with tools).

Sometimes, you can get away with swinging the arm around where it points to the butt end of the guitar. But, it sounds like either modifying the foam in the case or having a custom case made is going to be your answer.

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