Gibson Hardshell Case

locked myself out of my gibson hardshell case?

i am trying to set the lock for my gibson hardshell les paul case, and i’ve never set it before, so the little red strip is still in the 000 position, and i shut the latch, and the case won’t unlock. and since i’ve never set the combo, i dont know what it is so i can open it. im stuck. and my guitar is in there. does anybody know what to do?

Charlie is right , it should open. If you have time take it to a dealer and maybe they’ll help you out. I never could figure out why they put locks on guitar cases anyway. If I don’t want people messing with my guitar I’m gonna put it up somewhere so they can’t get to it. And if someone’s gonna steal it I don’t think they’re gonna worry about taking it out of the case first.

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