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Gibson USA
How much is Gibson LP STD in the USA?

I am going to the USA and take a gibson,I want to know the normal price in USA.Will it be cheaper than that in china ?

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You should probably ask this in “Music”, but OK, enough jokes.

From their web site, the Gibson Les Paul Standard is $3,509 in plain “Gold Top” and “Ebony” finish and $3,899 in other “burst” finishes.

Is this cheaper than in China? I couldn’t say. Would you pay more or less than that retail in the US? I couldn’t tell you that either, but I can tell you that on Ebay in the UK they cost just over £2000 – or about $3,200 – so they are actually cheaper outside the US.
Interesting eh?

Remember there is likely to be a Customs charge against the guitar if you buy it in the US and export it, so be careful.

Have a nice trip! :-)

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