Johnson Stratocaster

Johnson Stratocaster
Would trading a White Eric Johnson Stratocaster for a Gibson Les Paul Classic-Honey Burst be a good trade?

Or should I just sell the Eric Johnson Stratocaster which is basically a brand new guitar and how much should I sell it for?

If both guitars are in good shape with no problems it would be a great trade. The gibson is worth a lot more money than the strat. As far as selling the strat , or any good guitar for that matter, you will never get what it’s really worth. People that are looking to spend that much on a guitar will usually buy a new one, no matter how nice the used one is. If it were me and the les paul is in nice shape with no problems I would definitely make the trade. Simply because then Gibson has a much higher trade in value than the strat or if I decided to sell it I could get a lot more for the Gibson than the strat. Now , as far as keeping one or the other that’s a whole different story. These guitars are two totally different animals with totally different tones and one would have to figure that into the equation as well. Money wise the les is the most expensive of the two so the trade would be fine but tone wise it’s a matter of what you like.
By the way , we are talking Gibson here , right? If it’s an Epiphone I wouldn’t even think about trading.

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