Limited Edition Fender

Limited Edition Fender
HELP! Fender Stratocaster OR Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Custom Silverburst?

I am getting my first electric guitar, and I’m wavering between these 2 guitars. My heart tells me go for the Silverburst because I fell in love with it the instant I saw it, but my head is telling me Fender Stratocaster because it’s cheaper and supposedly the most versatile in style out of all the electrics.
My two absolute favorite artists are Dave Matthews and John Mayer and I’m always trying to learn their songs. But I’m not limited to them as there are a lot of other songs/artists I enjoy.
So which one should I get? I am completely torn. Everyone tells me including experienced blues players to go with the Strat since I am a big Mayer fan.
Help! All opinions totally welcome! Thanks!

Woah there partner! Take it easy, unless your rich, I STRONGLY suggest getting something a little less pricey and decent for your first electric guitar. I personally would go with the Fender Stratocaster (if it’s American), but still, if it’s your first electric guitar, buy a VERY cheap one first, just to see if you’re interest in pursuing electric. There are alot of differences between electric and acoustic so if you are not keen on buying a very cheap one then have a lot of test plays at shops with the guitars you are keen on purchasing.

If you are a beginner at guitar I recomment getting something a little less pricey, if this is the case, might I suggest;

– Squier Stratocaster of Telecaster
– Yamaha YX423
– Any Ashton type guitar isnt too pricey

Also, go to your local 2nd hand shop, you never know what’s there! I still remember the day I purchased a 60s Fender American Stratocaster for 20 dollars!

Hope I have helped and keep playin!

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