Series Stratocaster

Series Stratocaster
Which Squier Stratocaster Series Guitar is the best sounding?

Hi which One of these Squier Stratocaster Electric Guitar Series is the best sounding?

Affinity Series
Bullet Series
Deluxe Series
SE Series
Standard Series

The Tele’s do not create the sound i like

You can get miserable sound from a £1000 guitar or decent sound from a £200 guitar,whether it’s electric or acoustic.
How you set it up, your playing technique, and all the stuff in line through the sound system if you’re using speakers, all affect the sound you get.
Given a decent build quality and components, the right guitar for you is one that fits you…full stop.
If it don’t fit, you can’t play it well.
If it’s for posing with, any flashy gold and blue shimmering glitz-machine will be fine.
If you’re a name freak, get the one with the name that freaks you most.
If you want to play music….good music…get one that fits.
See Outlaw and mine here;_ylt=Ahd5DvxwDH7UbLZ27EYN64ghBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20081207062429AAjQtKy&show=7 . . .
Cars or guitars, it’s the guy in charge that makes things happen. . . . .
You’ve said you don’t like the sound from a particular model.
Someone else might like it.
The sound one person can get from it another won’t.
There is no best guitar for everybody.
Do the world’s best guitarists all play the same make and model of guitar?
Of course not. They play what suits them.

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