Squier Stratocaster

Squier Stratocaster
What strings does a Squier Affinity Stratocaster come factory equipped with?

I was trying to tune my Squier Stratocaster into Drop-A a minute ago, and the 1st (High E) and 4th (D) snapped. What type/gauge of strings does it come factory equipped with, because I can’t remember.

I think the strings it came with where crap so I need to know the gauge so that I can get some decent strings in the same gauge. Also what make of strings should I buy to play Hard Rock and Metal with?


Squier’s come equipped with Fender Instruments strings probably gauge 9
Those strings snapped because you tuned them up instead of down.
You would need to specially modify your guitar to accept the gauge of strings needed for Drop-A without the strings being too loose and being unplayable. You should just get a 7-string guitar to play that low, because the stock pickups on a Squier Stratocaster are not good for metal.

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