Strat Fender

Strat Fender
What bridge pickup should I put in my fender strat?

I have a fender fat strat (mexican) which i customized with a seymour duncan invader in the bridge, which i wan2 replace because it’s to muddy and two Dimazio Area 58s (one in the middle and one in the neck.) I wan2 put a nice single coil in the bridge with a vintage sound and a little bit of a rock bite. Any suggestions?

I would suggest a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail. Noiseless, but not too hot to get a vintage-y tone.

A different option might be to get a JB jr… a mini-humbucker – a humbucker that’s small enough to fit in the same space as a normal single coil. Still hum-bucking, but halfway between “humbucker” and single-coil in terms of tone.


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