Strat Plus

Strat Plus
I can’t get a good sound out of my new American Strat Plus Deluxe….?

Im using my new American strat plus deluxe with gold lace sensor pickups through a Boss GT6 processor and a roland Cube 60 amplifier

im looking to get a knopfler style sound out of it, both distorted and also a nice crisp clean sound. Im struggling to set it up as im used to handling humbuckers, and they seem to be very different in they way they act.

any help is appreciated.

i also have some other stomp boxes i can add if you think it will improve the sound.. i have:
Danelectro: FAB Tone Distortion
Milkshake Chorus
FAB Flange
Spring King Spring Reverb

any help is appreciated.



this is’nt much of a problem if you know how to handle it, the best thing to do is to get a boss ME-20 much better than the gt6, the me-20 can get a good sound out of any guitar I even got a metal sound out of my yamaha fg700s semi-acuostic !!!
you can get one cheap from
just put Boss ME-20 into quick search and you can get it reall cheap.
hope this helps, hope the guitar turns out good too

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