Stratocaster Plus

Stratocaster Plus
Do i have a Fender Plus Stratocaster or regular Strat?

Hello there. I have a question maybe someone can help me with this. I have a fender strat that i got a while ago and its puzzling me. When i got it, it was in a fender plus case, so i thought maybe it could be a Plus model. Well it does not have the lace sensors, roller nut and locking tuners. Its like a regular strat, but i know how some things can be changed and modified. I was gonna put it on ebay to get some funds together to get a Ovation Breadwinner, but i wanted to be sure i actually had a Plus and not a standard strat. I checked the serial numbers and its a 1993-1994 strat. Does anyone know anything about serial numbers? Mine are MN399685. Is there any other way to look up on if i have a Plus model, or standard strat? Thanks.

Hi! Fender Plus series instruments were American-made from 1987 to 1999 (see ). The serial number you provided would indicate your Stratocaster was made at the Ensenada, Mexico facility (see and ). Based on the serial number and the missing Plus options (especially the roller nut), I believe your instrument is a standard Stratocaster. Best regards, Dana

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