Sunburst Maple

Sunburst Maple
Was my Yamaha SG2000 made in ’77? It’s serial # 004718, cherry sunburst, with a 3 piece maple top.?

Wink,,,it’s a ’79

They started in Mid ’76
and ran to mid 80’s in USA and late 80’s in Japan.

Don’t be too disappointed it ain’t as old as ya thought it was.

YOUR ’79 is a rather late production ’79.
I’m sure You know what a SG2000 IS,,,so we’ll skip that.

But You may be interested to to know that YOURS is
“The LAST”,,REAL,Genuine,Original Takabayashi-Design SG2000.

How ’bout That??,,and Just when ya thought they couldn’t be any cooler!.

Gibson’s whining about them using the SG Name,,caused Yamaha to Rename the things.

So beginning with 1980 Models,,,SG2000 became>
SBG-2000 in USA
SG-2000S in all the Other global markets
They Stayed as SG2000 in Japan Domestic Mkt.

ALL of them for 1980 had more changes than just the name.

They had Coil Tap Pots added,,,nice feature & a worthwhile upgrade,,,but NOT the Same as Original SG2000

The 3pc Top was also gone in ’80.
Your ’79 had the last 3 pc.
They remained maple,but was changed to 1 pc.

1976> 125 made
1977> 1,350 made
1978> 1,150 made
1979> 1,325 made

1980> Less than 300 “’79’s” carried over.
There’s a bit of controversy about what those really were,,,
Even Yamaha can’t give a straight answer.

They were sold in ’80 as “1980’s ”
but Officially,,,and Legally if I’m not mistaken,,,a REAL ’80 was the Renamed,Modded versions

Hey,I’m just some Bozo on Yahoo—dont take anything I’ve said as gospel.
I’m Sure that S/N is a 1979 though.

For a Reliable,Solid answer,,,
It’s best to Contact Gruhn in Nashville,,or Manny’s in New York,,,or somebody like that.

Take Excellent Care of it,,as best ya can.
Less than 4,000 were ever built for the entire world,,,and who knows how many of those still exist?

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