Telecaster American

Telecaster American
What is the difference between the American Telecaster and the Standard Telecaster?

The american telecaster is 950$ and the standard is 500$ they are both made by fender

The American Telecaster is available with both an alder and a swamps ash body (depends on what color you choose which wood is used), while the Standard only comes in alder.

Choice of rosewood or maple fingerboard on American Tele. Maple neck only on Standard.

22 frets on American Tele. 21 on Standard.

2 American Tele pickups on American Tele. 2 Hot Standard pickups on Standard.

Master Delta Tone ™ tone control on American Tele. Regular tone control on Standard.

Schaller tuning machines on American Tele. Fender tuning machines on Standard.

Choice of pickguard colors on American Tele. White pickguard only on Standard.

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