Wood Martin Case

Anyone know anything Fender Alexus 30 Guitar?

My wife came home the other day w/ a Fender Guitar (we browse at this one local pawn shop almost every week, so they know us – they have REALLY CHEAP priced gear!!!). Anyway, they gave her the hard case and the guitar for $50.00. The case was in perfect shape, never used, so she thought the hard case alone was worth it!

But the guitar: it was “cheap” because It didn’t have any strings, no bridge pins and the fretboard was “faded”. (And it is End of Month, so they were trying to clear it out).

I slapped on new Dean Markley (Alchamy) strings, and put in new Martin bridge pins. The fretboard was just caked in “dirt”, so I just applied some wood cleaner.

This guitar now sounds and looks AWEOME! It holds a tune even better! Looking at the body (size), neck, frets inlays, it appears to be “entry level”. (who cares, it sounds good).

However, I can’t find ANY info on this ax.

It is a Fender Alexus 30. (Made in S. Korea).

Anyone have any info on this?

<>Sorry, no idea. Sounds like a good buy though.

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