Acoustic Guitar Strings

The acoustic guitar strings are used for acoustic guitars that have a hollow body with six or twelve steel strings. The onboard electronic pickup is optional here. The classical guitar is different from acoustic guitar. The former one require nylon string as they lack the supportive truss rod that is usually found in the neck portion and so this cannot make use of high tension steel core strings. However, the choice of acoustic guitars is the steel and strings that are made of different alloy ratios and gauges. The alloy ratio refers to the different combination of metals that make up the acoustic guitar strings. They also differ in their gauges or the thickness of the strings.

The acoustic guitar strings that are made of bronze are 80/20 strings. This ratio refers to the combination of the metals. Here this means 80% of copper to 20% of zinc or tin. This combination of acoustic guitar strings is capable of producing bright sounds with clear ring. But some people think that this alloy lasts only for a short period and the quality deteriorates with usage.

Another choice of acoustic guitar strings is 92/8 phosphor and bronze acoustic guitar strings. This alloy has good resistance to corrosion and so can withstand for more time period. The bronze can produce brassier sound as it is stiffer than the 80/20 combination. If you want to take the midway between these two acoustic guitar strings, then you certainly need brass acoustic guitar strings what have 85/15 combination. These are well liked by people and they are more sensitive to skin oils.

The gauges of acoustic guitar strings vary greatly. There are many models such as light, super light, extra super light, medium, heavy and extra heavy gauges. The tone will also vary according to the thickness. If you choose lighter variety of acoustic guitar strings, this will be thinner and so will be easier to press so that playability will get improved. You can blend the notes easily and work with them.

The heavier acoustic guitar strings are not only louder and fuller but also stiffer and require more strength and skill to play. However, when you consider the quality of sound produced, you can get a larger and brighter sound that is good for strumming. For beginners and those who use 12 string guitars, the lighter acoustic guitar strings are the best choice. This depends upon ones playing style.

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