Alvarez Acoustic

Info regarding Alvarez Acoustic Guitars?

how are the cheaper models? my dad has a ’77 Yairi that I am in love with but I don’t know much about their lower end acoustics.

From my experience these guitars are quite nice but when it comes down to it, each guitar has its own personality. I think they are very playable and musical. Even their cheapies look nice, they are uncomplicated looking and the necks are generally OK. A lot of other cheapies won’t give you a solid top.

Whichever guitar you decide on, see if you can make sure that they set it up nicely for you at the shop, if you buy online it’s worh spending a few dollars with the local repair guy to get it perfect. If you buy in a shop and they have a few of the same model, be annoying and play the lot of them, it’s worth it. Tell them you’ll write a review on the web or something crazy like that about how good their service was (and do it). It’s amazing what a little tweaking of a guitar will do by having it set up nicely for the strings you use.

I’m curious whether the Yairi was a steel or nylon, the Yairi’s were always tremendous.

The good thing now is it’s a buyers market and you can get good guitars at stupid prices. But keep inmind what I said at the top, every guitar has its own personality

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