Alvarez Guitar

Tell me about your Alvarez guitar. Or, what are some good acoustic guitars?

I’m looking for a good solid Acoustic/electric guitar to last me a long time. Price range: $500-1000.

From what I’ve played I like the sound and craftsmenship of Ovation guitars the best; however, I played some Alvarez guitars that looked like good deals (list price: $900, on sale for $449, etc.).

The thing is, the store (different than where I played the Ovations) fit them with REALLY thin strings (at least it seemed to me), so the playablility was superb whereas the sound was a bit… well, thin.

Does anyone have an Alvarez that they love/hate/kind-of-think-is-ok?

Taylors are very good guitars. I believe Martin makes a few guitars in that price range now. I suggest you play a Taylor and a Martin. My experience that dollar for dollar, Martins are better, especially over time. Look for solid wood construction…spruce, rosewood, etc. Some of the new “smart woods” you find on Martins and other fine instruments are very good as well, but they wont age as nicely as a solid wood guitar.

Take a look a Guild, Gretsch, and even Yamaha in that price range. If you are going to drop a thousand bucks on a guitar, you are making a long term committment here. So try before you buy.

Bottom line is, if you could get a Martin in the thousand dollar range, go for it. I’ve been playing acoustic guitars since somebody stole my drums back in 1970. And I’ve played some really fine guitars. But my D-28 is the sweetest sounding acoustic I’ve ever heard, and people I’ve played and recorded with agree. You are going to get a fine instrument in this price range. Just make sure you get one that gets better with age the way you will.

EDIT: For Majorette

Yeah, that 310 is a fine axe. I met a guy on Block Island many years ago. He was playing a Taylor that was actually one of the first Taylors out there. Back before they were mass produced. One word. SUUUUUUWEEEEEEET!

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