Alvarez Regent Acoustic

how do i found out about my alvarez regent acoustic guitar?

i need a website that i can type in the serial number of it or the model number. if not heres the serial number: 900400101 and model number: 5214 i just wanna know how old it is who used it ect. because the pickguard is quite used and i wanna know if it belonged to someone famous. any information on how to found out about this would help or if u know about it thanks. oh and it was also made in korea

Brand name
Series name
Production dates

ALVAREZ began making the 5214 REGENT DELUXE in 1998.

That’s all I could find about that type of guitar.

There is no website you can type in a serial number in and find out who owned or owns it.
But I would think that the odds of someone famous owning it would be small. Just because the pickguard is scuffed a lot, doesn’t mean anything except that it was played a lot by someone who probably strummed loudly. The harder you strum the louder you get.

Also famous people don’t usually by guitars form Korea, they can afford guitars made in the USA.

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