Classical Guitar Capo

A classical guitar capo is a clamp like device that guitar players use for the purpose of shortening the strings on a guitar or any other similar stringed instrument for that matter. The classical guitar capo will is attached to the neck of the guitar and thereby it shortens the strings on the guitar. This creates a different sound than that of the unaltered guitar. The sounds made when you use a classical guitar capo will be much higher in pitch than the normal sounds. These items are extensively used on guitars, mandolins and banjos, much more than other string instruments.
What a classical guitar capo will do is it will change the key of the guitar and the pitch of the guitar by essentially changing the length of the neck. It will limit the length of the vibrating portion of the strings and thereby change the properties of the sounds that are made. This way the tuning keys don?t need to be used either and the sound adjustments can be done much easier. When using a classical guitar capo the pitch of the fretted strings does not change at all. However it is the open unfretted strings that the classical guitar capo will affect. The classical guitar capo is placed as near as possible to the guitar fret. There are occasionally guitar players that recommend placing the classical guitar capo on the fret itself.
A classical guitar capo is very much needed when a twelve string guitar is used. The classical guitar capo is used to keep the twelve string guitar in tune with a six string guitar. Guitar manufacturers do not recommend that a twelve string guitar be tuned very much higher. They recommend that the tuning be done to a tone below standard guitar tuning. Otherwise the stress might overwhelm the guitar. While ultra light strings have solved this problem to a great deal, the classical guitar capo is still the choice method for many classical guitar players. Because you have many different variations in keys and voicing you can have a markedly different sound when using a classical guitar capo. Also it should be noted that when a classical guitar capo is used it changes the timbre of the strings. THIs allows much longer stringed instruments like guitars to even mimic shorter stringed instruments like mandolins. This proves that the classical guitar capo is not just for expediency and ease of use. It is also a key component for artistic expressions. In fact some styles of music such as flamenco or Irish traditional music make very heavy usage of the capo. The classical guitar capo has a rich history in Folk and Blues music and musicians that started out in these genres took the classical guitar capo with them as they migrated to new avenues of music as well.

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