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The classical guitarists were always the performers that strived to be different from the rest, unlike a pianist or cellist who require years of private tutoring. The classical guitarist transcended the boundaries, where the majority of these breed of performers learn their art either from a friend or through the portal of online video. This is great for the casual performer however when that performer wishes to go to the level of commercial performances they face the obstacle of reading a classical guitar tab. This deters most casual guitarists from performing professionally. However reading a classical guitar tab is not as arduous as you think. The guitarists themselves have created this type of unique musical notation to share their music amongst other guitarists.

In simple terms the classical guitar tab has tab staffs that each consists of 6 horizontal lines denoted to the individual strings of the instrument. The classical guitar tab often has the chord name to aid the guitarist. This method of musical intonation is easy enough for the guitarists however the flaws in the classical guitar tab are that there is no rhythmic notation to instruct as to how long each note of the song should held for. Along with that is the fact that only the guitarists are able to read a classical guitar tab, unlike the standard the notation which is comprehendible to most musicians the classical guitar tab can lead to a lack of communication between a guitarist and any other type of musician.

The classical guitar tab though can also have its benefits because of the simplicity of the tab.The learning curve for straightforward songs are a lot shorter. It is especially useful if you want to learn a multitude of songs within a short period of time. The standard notation of music can take much longer to dissect and understand than the classical guitar tab; however the tab is not suited for more complex songs for a guitarist. This is where the standard notation comes in and the guitarist not only has to interpret the notes of the song but also analyze and understand the composition of the music. If the tab is used in the right time and place then the pros of the tab can greatly outweigh the cons which it has.

Sage advice for any budding professional guitarist would be to use a mixture of both standard notation and the classical guitar tab. This would allow the guitarist the ability to learn songs at a fast pace if there is a necessity for it. While also learning and comprehending the full meaning of the composition of the song in the standard notation when there is ample time. For any aspiring guitarist the transition from a casual performer to reading the classical guitar tab for performances is never easy. It is well worth it though in the long run.

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