Fender Statocaster

Fender Statocaster
Fender statocaster?

Hey, I’ve got a Fender stratocaster. The serial number is E653927.
I was just wondering, given the serial number when it was made and how much it would have cost to buy.

Thanks a lot.


You forgot the r on the opening line. The E in the serial number means it was made in the 80’s and the 6 is for the year…1986. The cost depends on the country it was made in and the model. In 1986 Fenders weren’t over $1000 like the USA Strats are now. I have a vintage USA made 88 Strat Plus (top of the line in the 80’s) that goes on Ebay for anywhere between $600 to $1000. I paid $450. Contact me if you are interested in selling it.

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