Gibson Acoustic Electric

I’m a beginner. I purchased a used Gibson acoustic electric guitar. What kind of strings should I buy?

Should I buy acoustic strings or electric strings. What is the difference in light and medium weight.

Don’t listen to the guy who said boomers…those are electric strings and you should NOT put electric strings on an acoustic electric.

use acoustic strings and try either D’addario, Elixir, or Ernie ball strings, those are top the the line right now. Martin strings are good too. They all run about the same price..except for Elixirs because they last twice as long as the other brands.

the weights (they’re actually called guages) are the thickness of the strings. If you’re a beginner you should use a extra light to light guage until your fingers build up the calusus otherwise your fingers might start to bleed and that would be bad.

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