Gibson sg

Gibson SG?

which Gibson SG guitar should i get?
the Gibson SG standard:
or the Gibson SG ’61 Reissue:
thanks! <3

Well, I have a Gibson Standard SG (I LOVE IT!!!!!). My honest opinion is go with the Standard, because when you buy the reissue, all you are paying for (once again, in my opinion) is the looks.. Hey, if you really want to save money though on the guitar, get a used Gibson SG from your local music store. Just make sure you play it and look over it THOROUGHLY just to insure that you are not being sold a sh*t instrument. Lastly, get an SG Standard, and avoid the “special edition” (the one at this link: Its pickups are just wrapped in electric tape it looks like to protect the coils, and lastly, there is no finish on it. Best wishes, and ROCK ON!!!


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