Gretsch Electromatic Hollow

What do you think of the Gretsch 5125-29 Electromatic Hollow Body guitars?

Do you love them or hate them? Why? What kind of venues did you use them for and how well did they meet you expectations. Any flaws or issues that bugged you? Rank the player level these guitars are good for and anything else you wanna comment on.

Love ’em! They’re great for anything from blues to punk, since the hollow body has a rich, warm tone that can be haunting or crunchy, depending on the chosen pickups. It doesn’t hurt that they’re gorgeous, either.

I played one in a pop-punk band and it’s a great, durable guitar. We mostly played club-to-theater sized venues frequented by hipsters, so having a cool guitar gave me credibility with audiences who were infinitely more hip than I am. The only thing I don’t like about the Electromatic is that the neck is a little chunky compared to my other guitars (Fender Teles and Ibanez, primarily). I happen to have small hands, so I play much better with thinner-necked guitars. When Ibanez came out with the Artcore thin hollowbody series, I bought one of those, since it’s a better fit for me. Here’s my guitar:

I’d say the Electromatic is great for intermediate or advanced guitarists. It might be a little too much guitar for a beginner. But it’s very, very cool.

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