Hamer Guitar

Looking at buying a paul reed smith, hamer, or other custom guitar?

I’m looking at buying a nice custom guitar for around $800. I have been looking at a lot of strats and im wondering what to look for when buying a nice hamer or prs. For example i know when looking at strats that the usa made ones are higher quality. What type of guitar should i look at to get the most for my money

the Hamer california series is excellent http://s573.photobucket.com/albums/ss174/Banjocal/?action=view&current=P1010174.jpg <---my hamer custom http://www.hamerguitars.com/?fa=guitars however, the california series and all tis customs are really for metal guitar playing. thier other archtops play excellently. Italia is also a great maker. personally, i prefer Hamer: i love the sound of it, the way it plays, and EVERY guitarist i know wants a PRS, which for me, kinda spoils it: A because i dont want people hounding me asking to play it and B because i prefer my hamer. that being said, I reccomend you get a PRS (mcarthy korina is a nice one), because they are great guitars: PRS's, for me, play better if you like blues and 80/90's rock. in summary, Hamer electrics: metal. Hamer archtops: country, rock PRS: 80's and 90's rock, blues

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