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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Acoustic Set List.

Building a powerful acoustic set list with your band can be a very rewarding experience. This type of music can often spark emotion that electric music simply does not. There are several key aspects to keep in mind however. You need the right type of low tone, the right type of percussion, and you need to play in the right type of environment. You also need to learn how to properly perform this type of music and how to properly record it.

Just as in electric music, low tones play a very central part in acoustic music. Electric rock bass lines, can often be way to powerful for this type of music. They just do not fit with the lightly strummed guitar. Several things can fix this very easily. The primary guitarist can either create low tones with his thumb while he plays the guitar arrangement or another guitarist can create this effect using a standard six string instrument. Having your choice of bassist play these tones on a special acoustic bass is another viable option.

Let us not forget how very important it is to have the right type of percussion when performing this music. Traditional drum kits must be softened and played very lightly. The best possible solution is to utilize one or even several types of hand percussion units. These include but are not limited to, tambourines and bean shakers.

Playing the proper environment is often overlooked. It is a very important part of the acoustic set however. It helps to accomplish the right type of sound. An environment with good projection and acoustics is very important. The tighter the better. Any audience members should always be moved in as close as possible. A guitar that produces loud clear tones is also preferred. The dreadnought acoustic guitar often works very well for such a thing. The best quality is achieved from this.

Do not forget that to achieve the right sound, acoustic music has a certain way that is should be played by the musician. A musician is typically very relaxed and in some type of seat or chair. The beat to this music is usually much slower. Keep this in mind when performing acoustic renditions of electric work. A pick may be used, however sometimes fingers are preferred. An instrument like the alvarez acoustic guitar was practically made to be picked.

Acoustic sets have a very specific way they should be recorded. This always helps to ensure optimum quality in the final result. The easiest option is to choose acoustic guitars that have an electric option. Like an ibanez acoustic electric guitar. This provides a direct input into the mixer while keeping the pure acoustic sound. If an instrument without an electrical option is used simply place boom microphones at the base of the musicians or use a special microphone that clips onto the instrument.

It is not hard to see why developing a quality acoustic set can be so very rewarding for a band. Doing so has several great benefits. The most useful one would be to display the versatility of your act.

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