Les Paul Special

Les Paul Special
How much is my 1990 Gibson Les Paul Special Electric Guitar worth?

I have a 1990 Gibson Les Paul Special Electric Guitar. It is Mustard Yellow, and is in fairly good condition. It has a few dings and dents around the body and the colour has faded on the back of the fret board. It has P-90 pickups. It still has the original volume controls & nobs etc. How much would/should this be worth, or where could i find the answer to this question?

Call my boss Teddy at Make’n Music in Chicago. His number is 312.455.1970. You can try e-mailing him as well at sales@makenmusic.com. He knows everything about guitars and will give you an expert ESTIMATE – realizing that an instrument can’t be truly appraised unless it’s inspected in person.

Hope this helps.

Make’n Music

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