Martin Guitar Strings

The Martin guitar strings are especially made for acoustic guitar and they are treated with cleartone proprietary technology that guarantees you the longest possible string life without compromising their tone or natural feel. There are so many types of Martin guitar strings and Martin SP Lifespan strings are one among them. These strings are designed to repel the oils and dirt that can deteriorate the quality of the strings. To get the natural Martin SP sound, all the six Martin guitar strings are treated so that they will have that feel that is preferred by the players.

The various types of Martin guitar strings are Martin SP studio performance, Martin SP studio performance 12 string, Martin SP marquis, Martin SP acoustic bass 4 string, SP bluegrass and SP high tuning Nashville style. The Martin guitar strings are boosted to enhance the mid range and drive more volume of sound. Some of them have silk wrapping on the end to provide tighter seating of the string at the tuning pin so that wear on the bridge plate is highly reduced.

The Martin guitar strings guarantees enhanced playability with their FX ? flexible core series. These strings are more flexible and responsive in nature and the combination of tension and flexibility at their maximum gives a new innovative product to the musician. The increased flexibility of Martin guitar strings decreases the fatigue of your fingers and increases the response and control of the string. Therefore the Martin guitar strings are the perfect choice for finger style performers and beginners.

The silk wrapping at the end of the Martin guitar strings ensures the tighter seating at the bridge pin and the wrap wire is wound to create the softer folk sound that you might expect from Martin guitar strings. The fluorocarbon used in some type of Martin guitar strings are higher in density than nylon strings and therefore can produce stronger and richer tone.

Martin guitar strings are made of different types of materials such as 80/20 bronze that gives a warm sound, phosphor bronze that can produce brighter sound with consistent tone, crystal nylon that is used for treble strings on classic sets and are capable of providing rich and clear trebles that are much need for classical sound. The Martin guitar strings also makes use of fluorocarbon formula that has a lower elongation properties so that tone loss caused by stretching of strings are reduced.

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