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Even if we are to discount traditional classical guitars, there are hundreds upon hundreds of models of acoustic guitar available on the market. The style that’s right for you will very much depend on what kind of sound you want to produce, the music you’ll be playing with it, and how experienced a guitarist you are.

Although the entire range of styles is immense, and it would be almost impossible to list them all, most steel-string acoustic guitars will belong to one of these groups:

Firstly, the “Dreadnought”: This has a rather ominous name. It’s actually named after the warship, due to a slightly wedge-shaped body. In my opinion, the guitar looks almost nothing like a dreadnought warship, and to name it as such is a stretch; but the original creators (Martin Guitars) thought otherwise. Since Martin first made it, almost every guitar manufacturer has produced its own version in one way or another, and it has become the most popular acoustic guitar style out there. If you’re a beginner (and even if not), consider choosing this style as your next (or first!) guitar.

If you have a child that’s learning the instrument, a great choice can be the “Grand Concert” guitar. This style is based upon, and is very similar to, a standard classical guitar. This means that, although it’s steel-strung, it’s a lot smaller than a standard acoustic, and this makes it a lot easier for a child to learn with.

The “Grand Auditorium” style of guitar is very similar to a Grand Concert. The main difference is in its size: It’s bigger, which means that it’s more suitable for an adult to play (and hence less so for a child). This also means that the overall range in tone of the instrument is improved, especially in the bass notes.

The last major style is aptly named the “Jumbo”. It is similar in style to the Grand Auditorium and Grand Concert, but much larger. In fact it’s so large that it can be difficult to play. This is certainly not recommended for beginners. The main reason to buy one of these is the vastly improved range in tone; the bass notes are especially improved. If you are an experienced guitarist and you’re looking to expand your collection of guitars, I urge you to consider at least trying one of these models in the music shop.

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