Strat Usa

Strat USA
Worn Strat USA MODEL ?

I’m looking at getting a new guitar.
I’ve got my eye on a ‘Road Worn’ fender strat as seen in the picture below. My question is, does it come as a USA model or a Mexico model?
I already have a mexico fender strat (great guitar) and I’ve been playing a sunburst ‘worn’ american strat… but I want it in black as seen in the picture. Is a Black and White Worn American Strat real or does it only come in a Mexico model…?


Hello! The “Road Worn” guitars started out as Fender Custom Shop models made in Corona, California; however, the recent crop (post-2008) of these instruments are made in Ensenada, Mexico. From the reviews I have read (’60s+Stratocaster/10/1 and ), they seem to rate just as favorably as any of the MIM Standards compared to their American counterparts. The Fender Custom Shop is currently focused on creating the “Relic” series of instruments ( ), which is apparently their evolving version of the original “Road Worn” guitars. Best regards, Dana

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