Taylor Acoustic Electric

Recording a Taylor Acoustic/Electric directly into computer?

I am interested in buying a Taylor Acoustic/Electric 110CE. Would using the guitar’s pickup, and directly recording it into my computer sound good? And how would it compare to using a condensor microphone?

Yes it would sound good, if you are plugging it through a firewire or usb audio interface. Going directly to your soundcard using a 1/4″ to 1/8th” converter, will not sound good. The analog signal won’t get converted digitally at a high qualtiy rate, plus you’ll get some lag time.

It will sound different than a condenser microphone. Whether or not it sounds better or worse depends on the room, the microphone, the settings, and what you prefer. It won’t sound a full, but it might sound a tiny bit cleaner.

If I were you, I’d do them both. Record them as a multi track, separate tracks, and see if you like the sound of the blending them. Or just listen them both and pick one.

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