Taylor Acoustic Guitar

What is the cheapest Taylor electric-acoustic guitar?

A lot of the bands I listen to use a form of a Taylor guitar and I think they sound great! I’m looking for an electric-acoustic guitar or at least one with a cutaway. The only thing is that they’re fairly expensive, so what’s the cheapest I can get it for, in Canada? Please and thank you!

With Taylor Guitars, even their low-end guitars are a bit on the expensive side
However, they are totally the best bang for your buck in that price range

The cheapest Taylor guitar that has an electric pickup and a cutaway would be the Taylor 110ce, which costs about $800
The cheapest Taylor guitar is the 110, which starts at about $600
They charge an extra $50 for the pickup, and another $150 for the cutaway.
Unfortunately, they don’t make guitars with only a cutaway and no pickup.
I have a Taylor 110e which I got for $650; It has a pickup, but no cutaway. I LOVE my Taylor!

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