Taylor Acoustic Limited

Shopping for an acoustic guitar and considering Taylor 814CE-Ltd. Any other guitars/models I should consider?

This is actually for a friend, who is currently looking for an new acoustic guitar to last him a lifetime. The guitar will primarily be used for songwriting and performing (mostly alternative rock/brit-pop), will be strummed with a pick and will not be plugged in most of the time. He actually plays bass in a band and will use this to write songs and occasional recording.

Are there any other models from Taylor or other manufacturers he should consider? The choice is limited here in Australia in the higher end of the market, but so far, he has prefered Taylor to Martins or Gibsons (as well as Matons).

From the little he’s seen so far, he likes the sound, look and feel of the 814CE Limited edition, but says that all Taylors from 5-series and up are very impressive.

I realize that this comes down to the individual choice but any input/suggestions would be much appreciated!


Try some on for size.

Just make sure the action is low enough to play comfortably but not so low that it buzzes.

Its good to stick to namebrands. They’ve been in the business a long time for a reason.

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