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First dates usually are the most nerve-wrecking experience. That is why is it important to know that making it fun can create a first good impression to your girl. The extra effort you put into making it a very pleasant memory, and not just a get-together, will surely leave your date asking for more. Knowing fun things to do on a date is simple: discover first the things that are “fun” for you. What are the things that you enjoy doing the most? Do you think it will also be enjoyable with your date? Loosen up a bit and create a relaxing atmosphere. Remember, aside from getting to know your date better, it’s also about having fun!

Consider first if you and your girl have common interests. Develop on that interest on your first date. Is she a laid-back, girl-next door type? Then choose a laid-back place, something peaceful and relaxing. Go and consider visiting the art museum, make kites and fly them in the park, or if you’re getting all the poetic vibe, see a play, watch a concert or gig, or get pizza and watch a movie at home. It isn’t about how expensive the date is. The real score is that it’s fun and enjoyable for the both of you.

First dates aren’t supposed to be all that grand. Start with the typical: play video games, or you can take a hike in the woods if you’re both nature trippers. Imagine a special thing you have wanted to do for the longest time but had never had a chance to do it. Make it happen on your date! Chances are, your girl will become personally involved and will be able to know a soft spot of yours so she’ll get chummy and cute with you. And of course, there’s a big chance you’ll score a second date. Girls like guys who are fun and unpredictable, something that’ll make them look forward for more times hanging out with you.

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