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I bought a guitar because I’ve always wanted to learn and very dedicated to following this through. I can’t seem to understand the finger positioning or exactly how it all comes together. I have a book “idiots guide to playing guitar” but I’m wondering if i should take a couple “in person” lessons with a teacher. Has anyone actually learned on their own? How long until you got the hang of it? I’m not expecting a fast transition into being amazing, just some helpful thoughts. Is it too hard once you get the hang of it? Lessons?

Hi there,

I started learning guitar in Feburary 2006 and I started with an acoustic. I was self taught pretty much until I started taking lessons in May. First, I learned the basic chords (can be found at http://www.learnguitarmusic.com/images/g… ) Then I found this great website, www.nextlevelguitar.com , They taught me popular songs but they got shut down from teaching people songs due to copyright reasons. They have a youtube page too where they teach songs inspired by popular artists. That page is http://youtube.com/rockongoodpeople…… .

A site that I use ALL the time is www.ultimate-guitar.com , this is a website that provides tabulatures (tabs ) and chords for popular songs ABSOLUTELY free. I got a lot better once I started playing popular songs.

At first my fingers hurt SO BAD but once you play for a month or too, you will start to notice that you’re developing callouses on your fingers (hard patches of skin) you won’t feel it at all. If you don’t practice for a week or so the callouses will go away then you’re back to square one.

Once I started playing, I thought it was really hard. As rediculous as it sounds, I started playing pieces like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “Mary Had a Little Lamb” etc. after a few weeks, I advanced to playing popular songs

Once my playing started to get better, in June, I bought a Squier Beginner pack, it’s a package that is made by Fender (Squier is a lower end of Fender guitars) that comes with an electric guitar (the quality isn’t so great but its good for beginners), an amp, picks, straps, cables, tuner etc. I got it for a great price, about $230 dollars.

I have to admit electric guitar is more fun than acoustic but you’re supposed to start with acoustic. If you keep practicing your acoustic, after a while, you could get an electric. In my opinion, electric guitars are more versitile because you could play softer stuff on it, as well as rock stuff like AC/DC, soloing etc.

I started out with an Ibanez acoustic guitar (Feburary 2006)
In late June I purchased the Squier Beginner Pack ( http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/s… )
Then in Late October I bought an Ibanez bass guitar (it plays great and it was really cheap)
Then in Feburary 2007 I purchased a Epiphone Les Paul.

As for some guitars you could start with, here are some models that are great beginner acoustic guitars for affordable prices:

Yamaha F310
Seagull S6
Takamine G-240
Fender DG-7
Epiphone DR-100
Washburn D10S
Blueridge BR-40
Ibanez AC100NT
Taylor Baby Taylor
Martin LXI

And here are some good beginner electric guitars:

Squier Stratocaster
Epiphone G-310 SG
Yamaha Pacifica 112
Epiphone Les Paul Special II
Danelectro 56-U2

After you become good and you love guitar, here are a couple nice guitars (expensive though) :

Gibson SG
Gibson Les Paul
Fender Telecaster
Fender Stratocaster

If you have any further questions, by all means email me at mnmz93@hotmail.com

I hope that helps you out,

P.S. – I know you asked less than what I answered but I just thought it would be helpful to you.

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