Vintage Guitars

Anyone suggest a decent Vintage Sunburst color electro acoustic guitar?

I really would like an electro-acoustic guitar, around 300 to 500 dollars. But I want something in the way of vintage sunburst, but all I could find in the style I liked was a John Lennon one which I didn’t really care for. Any suggestions?

well it all depends on the brand you choose. Brands like gibson,martin, and taylor sell for thousands of dollars. Even though people say epiphone does not have good quality they do not know what they are talking about. ephiphone (gibsons lower brand) makes great quality guitars, exspecially acoustics. most sell for about 300$ but i picked up the pr-150 at guitar center for 120$. it is not an acoustic-electric but still an amazing guitar. the qaulity and construction is great. ive seen 500$ guitars with worse quality and sound. if you really want an acoustic electric epiphone also has them. But you could also save money by getting an acoustic pickup. This is a very good one anyway epiphone are the best guitar within that price range. they will last you a long time (as long as you keep it in good shape) oh and most of them come in a sunburst. hope i helped

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