Wine Red Gibson

Wine Red Gibson
Does anyone know how to duplicate Gibson’s red wine stain on their guitars?

I’ve built a maple top Les Paul copy and none of my test stains or anything off of the shelf comes close.

It could very well be a custom color made just for them. (Which is why you can’t find it ‘ready made’ on the shelf).

You can however, buy a set of tints, and mix your own colors to match.

Check out this company site…. youcan click on the color swatches, to see what colors are made with that particular stain, and in what proportions.

Ive done some color matching myself over the years, and I know that with a little patience, you can match pretty much anything out there.

Let me add here… color on monitors can vary enough that what looks like one color on screen might actually be a shade different. Order their paper chart (there’s a link for that), before actually ordering any stains. Then compare the paper chart to what you are trying to match.

Have Fun

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