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Welcome to Stover Music!

No, we’re not the famous Bluegrass group … but the Stover family name has its share of great musicians – bluegrass, country, gospel and probably a lot of that other kind of music, too … you know, the kind we listen to in elevators and doctor’s office. God love ‘em. They do a great service for our tattered souls.

Are we really Stovers? Yep. My dad was a Stover … so was his dad, and his dad … and so on … way back to the day when they sailed from Europe and sought refuge in the land of the free. I’m told the name was spelled differently, then … but since I wasn’t there, can’t say for sure. But, put your mind at ease … it’s really a Stover behind StoverMusic.com – if that matters to you :) .

This music site features a couple of things that might intrest you: free folk guitar lessons and free frailing banjo lessons … if you can read and put into practice the stuff in the lesson pages you can learn to play.

We also have hundreds of auction listings for super savings on all kinds of musical instruments … but mostly the ones with strings on them. Yeah, we know there are other instruments out there — in fact, this Stover gal plays the piano passably well … but most folks who visit this site are interested in two things: guitar and … how to play it. Yep, some folks like banjers and fiddles and mandolins, too, so we have a few listings for those fine instruments. (I do know how to spell banjo … so don’t write and complain about my mispelling!)

We built this website a few years ago when we had a real brick and mortar music store in our home town. We closed that store a couple of years ago but our love for music didn’t stop. We don’t physically stock any merchandise, and you can’t pop in just to say hello nowadays, but you can buy some great merchandise here, and you can send me an email at any time. Nowadays we’re marketing musical instruments on the eBay site so you have to bid and pray you win … but that’s fun so just dive right in and start bidding.

Well, that about sums up why we’re still on the web after all these years. To get started browsing the site, just click on a link that interests you and have fun.

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