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Alvarez is a premier acoustic guitar manufacturer that specializes in high quality instruments. Alvarez started building high quality acoustic guitars in 1965. As evidenced by the sound of their instruments, they are very passionate about what they do. They have a reputation for crafting guitars that have exceptional tone and quality, and they do so by hand. Their shop is located in St. Louis, MO.

The Alvarez guitar line as we know it today started with a Japanese luthier named Kazuo Yairi who worked in partnership with an American company to design these guitars. Yairis family is known for creating high quality, hand made instruments. The companys current, skilled luthiers continue this tradition.

Alvarez does not use computers and other high tech devices to help build their guitars. Computer assisted guitars have a very uniform sound across the board. The Alvarez guitars are unique from instrument to instrument. Building them by hand gives each guitar their own character. That is why it is important to find luthiers and other workers who are both skilled and passionate.

They pride themselves on their wood seasoning process. Done correctly, this can be considered the key to the sound. Wood types such as mahogany and rosewood are both air dried and kiln dried for long periods of time- sometimes as much as fifteen years. This aging process helps develop the tone and gives it a rich quality. The guitars are then shaped into their various styles.

Alvarez has a complete line of high quality guitars. Their acoustic guitar styles include the Dreadnought series, crafted in a shape and style similar to other Dreadnoughts, Alvarez classic guitars of various styles and woods, and Alvarez folk style guitars, including some cutaway models. For a complete list of styles, visit their website.

There are also plenty of famous and accomplished musicians who play Alvarez guitars. These include Ani DiFranco, Bret Michaels, Carlos Santana, Graham Nash, Kipp Winger, Laura Clapp, and David Crosby. For an extensive list, please visit their website.

Here are some reviews of Alvarez Acoustic Guitars (source Harmony Central):

About the Alvarez 5054 12 String

Got started more than half a century ago. I m what we now like to call a multi-instrumentalist. Play in half a dozen bands, jazz, blues, metal, punk, Cajun and Irish.

This is a great guitar. The first time you pick it up you immediately recognize that it “has something”. And it ain t just me, I ve had some friends (including some well-known players) try it out and give it a thumbs-up.

I m not saying I would trade my Guild for it, but I ve not come across a comparable second choice. And considering that nowadays this is a sub $400 guitar it s an outright bargain.

About the Alvarez AC 60SC

I have been playing guitar for over 30 years and have owned all types of guitars and gear. I was without a nylon stringed guitar for a while and developed a nylon jones. I began looking for a classical guitar, with a cutaway and built in electronics. I checked out guitars at 2 stores and chose this one for it s acoustic sound. I did not even plug it in at the store. I liked the characteristics in her voice. I came back the next day and traded my steel-string acoustic in on her.

As I said before, this guitar is like a wonderful woman. One that should be treated well and caressed. Playing her should be like making love.

If guitar playing can be that much fun everyone should take it up.

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