Fender Deluxe

Fender Deluxe
Can you help me with my Fender Deluxe 85 amp?

The other day, I was playing two guitars through the two channels on a Fender Deluxe 85 amp, when suddenly there was a loud pop, but nothing noticable happened, but then a few minutes there was another louder pop, and suddenly the volume was greatly decreased. Now when it’s on ten, the volume is what it used to be when it was on one. So does anybody know what happened and how to fix it?

I would normally say that you blew out your power tubes and need to have all your tubes replaced. HOWEVER, If this is a Fender Deluxe 85 (the red knob version), they are going to have a hard time replacing the tubes (or valves depending on what you call them) becuase…they’re aren’t any, it’s solid state. I think that you either blew the speaker, a fuse or a transformer (or something very similar). I don’t even think there are inputs for 2 separate guitars on this amp. If I am correct, it has an input for a clean side and a overdrive side (meaning depending on what channel you want, you need to plug into either clean or overdrive, not both). I’m sorry to hear that this happened. It may be worth while to fix it, but I just can’t say for sure…I think these amps were made in the late 80’s, so it may be almost 20 years old. Thank you for your question.

Good Luck

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