Fender Electric Guitar

What can I do with my fender electric guitar amplifier if I have given it larger voltage than it requires?

My fender guitar amplifier requires 110 volts and I have supplied 220volts. Thus it is not working. What should I do now?

Hello, Abeer! Most likely you have burnt out your power transformer; unfortunately, this is one of the most expensive parts in the amplifier! It is remotely possible that you only blew a fuse; but even so, the transformer windings may still have been affected. If you have a tube amplifier, there should be an externally-accessible fuse, which can be easily replaced to check function. If it is a solid-state model, you will need to remove the chassis to access the internal fuse. If you do this yourself, don’t go poking around inside the circuitry; even off, the capacitors can store a charge for a long time, and you can get shocked! My recommendation would be to carefully check the fuses, and if their replacement does not awaken the unit, take it to a Fender Service Center (see http://www.fender.com/support/service_centers/ ) and have it repaired. Best regards, Dana

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