Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic

Can I have reviews on the Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar?

I’m asking my dad to get me this guitar for christmas. I just now learning. Its so pretty and I’ve heard good things about it. Can I have some opinions on it?

You won’t go wrong with that guitar, but in that price range there are many great choices. I think you owe it to yourself to try some fine guitars out and see what sounds and feels right to you. The Hummingbird is a fine looking guitar, and has it’s own sound. In this price range, you are no longer discussing “if” a guitar sounds good, but whether it is the sound you prefer. They all have unique tonal qualities. For the same price or less, you could own a Martin D-35 (what I play) or some fine Taylors.

BTW, if your dad balks at the high price tag, have a backup plan. For about half the price, Martin makes a real nice sounding D-16.

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