Squier Affinity

Squier Affinity
What humbucker do I need for a squier affinity tele?

I want to spruce up my squier affinity tele, I don’t care that people say its not worth it this is my decision. Anyways I would like to know which Vintage Gibson humbucker would work for my tele (because of the amount of wires and stuff) Because I would like to by one for the neck position. It would be awsome if you could help me out.

The squier affinity telecaster’s pickguards (the white plastic thing on top) are not cut to accommodate humbuckers as they are twice the size of single coil pickups which are used on affinity telecasters. However, the bodies of most fender designed guitars are cut to accommodate humbuckers in all three positions. A gibson humbucker will fit in the body, however you will have to get a new pickguard for it to do so, also you will have to do some soldering obviously. I doubt that you would be able to put more than two humbuckers in it though, simply because i’ve never seen a telecaster pickguard with three humbucking slots.

I’d still recommend talking to a luthier about it.

If you want the humbucker sound but don’t want to go through all that body routing and pickguard mess, then get a hotrails pickup. It is a humbucker the size of a single coil.

See it here:


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